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Various management processes are required at the start of a business project or private endeavor. Moreover, certain obligations with regard to public administrative bodies and third parties will arise. That is why we need a road map and a team of professionals that support the project from the outset, to defend the project and understand the needs of the entrepreneur or professional.

With our collective experience and multidisciplinary outlook, we facilitate the evolution of all professional and business projects, offering advice on the best solutions and adapting to your needs in order to collaborate in your growth.

We accommodate the diverse needs of our clients, offering different types of services.

The IMB Grup has a dedicated Management and Procedures department, which offers tax, labor and employment, accounting, commercial, and financial services that are key to keeping up to date with legal obligations. These services are available to businesses and private clients alike.

At IMB, we adapt these services to our clients’ current needs. Indeed, our use of new technologies, combined with our work method and the professional experience of our company’s team, means that we are able to offer competitive rates tailored to each individual case.

In addition, for those professionals and business owners who prefer to outsource administrative, accounting, and daily management services, we offer an administrative outsourcing service, which can be adapted to the needs of each individual client. This scalable solution is available at a competitive rate, enabling the professional or business owner to benefit from the professionalism of a team that supports their core business and strengthens the quality of their service, through issuing invoices, managing payments, and dealing with banking institutions, etc., things which can be an additional burden when a professional or SME needs to focus on their business.

At IMB Grup, we offer an outsourcing service that is 100% tailored to the needs of each client.

The IMB Grup team, consisting of lawyers and consultants, advises companies and individuals on how to comply with the law. Our philosophy is preventive consultation, anticipating problems with a client-oriented approach, so as to minimize potential incidents.

Our professional lawyers and consultants have experience adopting temporary management roles in companies in diverse sectors. These managerial functions include finance, personnel, HR, administration, and business organization.

They are familiar with companies’ internal processes and are able to help during times of company change or crisis, whether this be temporary projects, the creation of new departments, company expansion, or the changeover of a family business.

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PDF on Interim Management

The professionals at the IMB Grup represent companies and individuals before public administrative bodies and the courts of various jurisdictions, guiding contentious legal cases through the different administrative and legal bodies, in accordance with the matter at hand.

The IMD Grup has a long history of providing services for family businesses, in addition to boasting a team of highly qualified legal and financial professionals who are well-versed in this area. Not only do family companies require legal assistance in terms of their business activity, they also need help managing relationships, both between the family and the company and within the family itself.

As such, IMB Grup offers specific services for the different types of family business.

Family protocols: advice on negotiating, drafting, and implementing family protocols or partner agreements. Regulating the board of directors.

Organizing the family estate: advice on reorganizing the family estate (corporate assets, real estate, etc.) from fiscal planning to formalizing documents. Establishing holdings, foundations, etc.

Planning inheritance: advice on planning inheritance of the estate, consultation on generational change, drafting a will and inheritance agreements, formalizing donations, exchanges, purchases and sales, and other legal dealings that enable the transfer of the family estate from one generation to another to be formalized.

Marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements: advice on drafting marriage or partnership contracts for members of the business family.

Tax: studying the tax treatment of the family business and members of the business family.

Remuneration formulae: studying and implementing remuneration formulae for members of family businesses, whether or not they are managers of the same, with the aim of ensuring that, while respecting operational standards of businesses and of the families themselves, the aforementioned formulae are as efficient as possible from a taxation standpoint.

Family advice: analysis and approach. Writing and implementing operating regulations. Launch and support.

The IMD Grup offers a 360º service, guiding companies that are getting established in Spain on all labor and employment, tax, commercial, and foreign issues, in addition to creating a personalized project for each client and country of origin.

When a foreign company transfers a worker to Spain or when a Spanish company hires a foreign worker, there are legal implications in terms of labor and employment law, social security, and immigration law, particularly with regards to analyzing the legal framework to be applied to the transfer, the paperwork to be completed in the country of origin, the expatriation agreement, the legislation applicable to the employment contract, and the competent jurisdiction in the event of a conflict, in addition to social security issues such as transfer from EU countries and non-EC countries with a bilateral social security agreement with Spain, or transfer from non-EC countries without a bilateral social security agreement with Spain.

We offer businesses commercial and fiscal advice, determining the ideal corporate structure, the tax group for workers relocated to Spain (IRPF income tax or IRNR non-resident income tax), the application of special frameworks to expatriates, the relationship between parent company and subsidiary (assessing operations, transfer prices, and parent-subsidiary contracts, etc.), the application of agreements to prevent double taxation on an international level, permanent establishments, and all the reporting obligations and declarations required in order to comply with Spanish regulations.

Areas of expertise

IMB Grup is divided into different specialist departments, which are all supported by multidisciplinary teamwork. In addition to our direct, personalized services, this professional collaboration across departments enables us to comprehensively monitor the different situations affecting businesses and private clients alike.

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