Encourage stable cooperation in R & D activities between companies located in major target regions of the “Operational Smart Growth Programme 2014-2020”. The development of new technologies in future technological areas with economic and commercial international projection, assuming both a relevant technological and industrial development for these regions.


They may be beneficiaries of grants legal groupings of at least two independent companies with each other, of which at least one of them must be large or medium and one must be SMEs. The maximum numbers of member companies of the group are six.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Not be subject to an outstanding recovery order following a previous decision by the European Commission declaring an aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.
  • Not be in crisis.

Features (Types of projects and activities receiving aid)

  • Food safety and quality; productivity and sustainable farm activity, natural resources, marine and maritime research.
  • Health, demographic change and wellbeing.
  • Energy, secure, efficient and clean.
  • Smart transport, sustainable and integrated.
  • Action on climate change and efficient use of resources and raw materials.
  • Changes and social innovations.
  • Digital economy and society.
  • Safety, protection and defense.

Funding concepts

  • Staff expenses.
  • Equipment acquisition costs, instrumental and material necessary for the performance.
  • Acquisition of consumables, supplies and similar products.
  • Cost of contractual research, technical knowledge and patents bought for licensed from outside sources at market prices, provided that the transaction it was effected under arm’s length and no element of collusion as well as costs of consultancy and equivalent services used exclusively for the research activity.
  • The expenditure involved in the report by an auditor.

Payment of aid

Payment will be made after the order for definitive concession.

Fundable and implementation period

Projects should be multiannual and shall be made part of the project in 2015. In any case, should seek assistance by 2015. The project will last for two or three calendar years, so they must end on December 31 2016 or December 31, 2017.

Aid modality

  • The eligible projects must have a minimum budget of 1,000,000€ and maximum 4,000,000€.
  • Only will be funded those projects that will be develop in the geographical area of the following communities and / or autonomous cities : Andalusia, Asturias, Canarias, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura, Galicia, Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla.

Total amount allocated

The maximum amount of aid granted under this call for the period 2015-2017 is 110 million euros.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for submission of applications and accompanying documentation will begin on April 30 of 2015 and end on June 30 of 2015, at 12:00 noon, CET.

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