Services for people

Because behind every company, organisation and business structure there are people, and because these people have their own needs and challenges, at IMB we have services specifically designed to assist them in any situation relating to tax, law, employment, finance and the family.

Our firm offers comprehensive services to our clients with professionalism and quality, maintaining a commitment and providing a tailored service. We specialise in a wide variety of services for people:

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Civil law

  • Property and construction law
  • Mortgage and registrational law
  • Civil liability
  • Inheritance law
  • Intellectual and industrial property and IT law
  • Contracts
  • Incorporation of businesses and partnerships
  • Letting
  • Owners’ associations
  • Non-payment
  • Legal proceedings in general

Labour law

  • Labour relations
  • Occupational hazard prevention
  • Pay and pensions
  • Special Social Security regimes
  • Senior management
  • Dealings with the public authorities
  • Administrative justice proceedings
  • Administration of disputes against the corporate world
  • Advice for employees

Family law

  • Family mediation
  • Family, marital and civil partnership break-ups
  • Divorce and separation
  • Parental claims
  • Removal from custody and neglect
  • Guardianship and fostering
  • Domestic and international adoptions and co-parent adoptions
  • Gender violence
  • Specialists in single-parent and same-sex-parent families

Commercial law

  • Advice for partners on setting up companies, associations and other forms of commercial association.
  • Advice for partners in corporate life: shareholders’ and partners’ meetings, boards of directors and governing bodies. Powers
  • Advice for partners on dissolving and liquidating companies and other forms of commercial association.
  • Advice for partners on shareholders’ agreements: transferability restrictions, privileged information, qualified majorities, dividend policy, investment policy, deadlock situations.
  • Advice for family groups on family protocols: regulation of relationships between families, shareholder groups or family groups. Family member employment policy. Governance and inheritance policy. Corporate governance bodies. Family council. Generational change-over. Investment policy and distribution of results. Amendments to articles of association.
  • Corporate governance: advice for directors and administrators.
  • Business reorganisation and operations: advice for partners in the process of buying or selling, letting, mergers, absorptions, acquisitions, adding branches of activity, negotiations and, in general, business transactions.
  • Tailored advice in partner separation processes, corporate deadlock and conflict within the company.

Tax law

  • Ongoing and specific advice in the field of personal, domestic and international taxation.
  • International taxation
  • Tax planning for personal taxes and inheritance tax.
  • Taxes on assets
  • Taxes for self-employed professionals
  • Tax disputes: administrative proceedings, assistance and representation in tax inspections, management of administrative, economic-administrative and legal appeals.