Maritime Law, Transport and Logistics

International Trade and Customs 

Maritime Law

  • Ship and yacht registration.
  • Shipbuilding contracts. Ships’ and yachts’ sale and purchase. Leasing. Ship finance
  • Carriage of goods. Drafting, breach and termination of contracts
    • Bills of Lading
    • Charter-parties: Time Charter, Voyage-Charter. Chartering. Volume contracts 
  • Shipping contracts
  • Chartering
  • Cargo claims:Loss, damage or delay
  • Freight claims and extra charges. Demurrage, occupations and fines. Port-dues
  • Abandonment of goods. Arrest and lien. Transhipment
  • Ship arrest
  • Collision, general average, salvage. Ship casualties. Pollution
  • Marine insurance. H&M. P&I. Damage to cargo. Yachts claims. Cruise insurance. Draft and   review of insurance policies. Insurance claim and recovery
  • Carriage of passengers. Personal injuries, property damage and economic loss. Cruising.
  • Administrative concessions. Licenses: applications and transfer
  • Administrative sanctioning proceedings
  • Judicial proceedings

Road Transport

  • Operator’s license applications and transfer. OT
  • Carriage of goods.. Drafting, breach and termination of contracts. CMR Subcontracting. Multimodal
  • Cargo claims. Damages, loss, theft or delay. Perishable goods
  • Freight claims
  • Cargo insurance.Draft and review of insurance policies. Insurance claim and recovery
  • Administrative sanctioning proceedings. Tachograph infringements, rest periods, excess driving, overweight, dangerous and perishable goods, cabotage
  • Judicial proceedings

 Air Transport

  • Contracts. AWB. Air Charter. Air passenger transport. Tours
  • Passengers’ rights.  Cancellations and delays. Passenger injury claims
  • Cargo claims. Loss, damages or delays.
  • Airlines sanctioning proceedings: public authorities, AESA, AENA
  • Judicial proceedings


  • Logistics services contracts. Drafting, breach and termination of contracts
  • Administrative authorisations
  • Judicial proceedings

International Trade

  • Import/export consulting and compliance review. Documentation, license, control of procedures. Trade agreements
  • International sale and purchase agreements. Incoterms. Letters of credit
  • Judicial proceedings


  • Customs proceedings. Inspections. Customs warehouses
  • Detention and release, seizure and confiscation of goods. Contraband
  • Import VAT