IT Consultancy

We help our clients build their future through IT system consultancy, design, implementation, maintenance and management.

Opennet was set up in order to modernise IT structures in professional firms and small and medium-sized enterprises.

We offer a dynamic response and solutions that are easy to introduce to the existing business structure.

In a globalised market, dynamic, intuitive and common-sense solutions are essential to ensure organisations adapt to the constant changes that the business environment imposes on us.

OPENNET services

Opennet Dynamic response and solutions


  • Design and implementation of IT and communications networks
  • Internet and intranet technologies: email, web and videoconferencing
  • IP telephony, Wi-Fi networks
  • ERP-business management software: accounting, invoicing, production and logistics
  • Design and planning of IT security solutions
  • Domain name registration, hosting, web design and e-commerce

  • Structured cable systems, network electronics, servers, PCs, peripherals.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).
  • Back-up systems.
  • Antivirus systems.
  • Secure remote access servers


We analyse organisations’ communications and workflow needs and propose LAN electronics solutions, server architecture and communications.

We also analyse the information needs of each organisation and assess the best IT platforms on the market for them. We design implementation plans for new computerised management systems and assist companies throughout the process of selecting, implementing and maintaining the platform.


We offer Internet for SMEs through domain name registration and specific web hosting plans for each company, as well as any additional services that may be needed in implementing the Internet in organisations (website design, e-commerce software, etc).

Domain Names
Web design and e-commerce

Systems / Applications

Whether the company has one small office or several branches, a good IT network is the best tool for handling information.
At Opennet we can carry out your LAN network project, from structured cabling that integrates data and telephony to Internet access and connections between branches with a single network (VPN).

LAN Network
VPN – Virtual Private Network