Consultancy and finance

  • Economic-financial analysis
  • Business plans for start-up SMEs
  • Business valuation
  • R&D financial/tax administration
  • Seeking public and private financing
  • Consultancy in private equity, VCs, BAs
  • M&A
  • In&Out Licensing
  • Growth strategies
  • Analysis, implementation and monitoring of organisational changes
  • Participation in boards of directors and advisory boards.
  • Interim financial management in key positions
Business consulting

New businesses

Creating a company and making it grow is an exciting challenge. We will help you find the right tools for each phase.

Company incorporation

Company incorporation with the most suitable legal form in each case.

Business plan

Preparing a coherent business plan with medium- and long-term objectives.


Legal, tax, financial and employment advice at launch and throughout the project.

Bank administration

Economic-financial viability study for the project.
Matching with financial entities, at preferential rates.


We will help you obtain public subsidies and private financing:

  • CDTI
  • ACC1Ó. Competitividad para la empresa
  • Instituto Catalán de Finanzas
  • Instituto de Crédito Oficial
  • Seventh Framework Programme


Processes and organisation

Process and organisation consultancy.

Corporate structures

Creation of corporate structures

Boards of directors

Participation in boards of directors and management committees.

Finding independent board members.

Outsourcing and Interim management

Outsourcing the core business

We outsource areas of the company’s core business and key positions (general management, financial management, human resources management).

New management roles

We replace management teams and general managers to meet interim needs within the company.

Management personnel

Specialisation in selecting personnel for companies in various industries. Advice and evaluation of professionals.

M&A Private Equity

Mergers and acquisitions

Legal, tax and financial advice in business reorganisation processes (merger, division, etc.)
Forced sales, MBO.

Finding investors

Advice on the entry of private equity in the company.

Finding financing.


Forming alliances and joint ventures.


Guidance in the sale and acquisition of product and system licences.

Assets / Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio

Independent analysis of investment portfolio.

Individual and tailored process assigning assets and selecting the right financial products.


Property advice and management. Finding investors, restructuring assets.
Independence from banks and financial groups.

Bank negotiations

Analysis and reduction of company financial feeds, finding alternatives and negotiating with financial entities.
Analysis of the rates of the most important providers, identification of alternatives.
Optimisation of the most significant structure costs (supply, communications, etc.)
Negotiation and implementation.