IMB is structured into various areas that operate independently but also participate in the multidisciplinary work of the team as a whole.

This enables us to combine specialist expertise in the various fields with the broad vision that our teamwork provides, a working system that allows us to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Labour law

    Legal regulations that govern human work performed freely, as an independent party, in a relationship of dependency and in exchange for payment

  • Family law

    Legal regulations that govern the personal and hereditary relationships of the members of a family, between each other and in respect of third parties.

  • Tax law

    Legal regulations governing the powers of the tax authorities to obtain income from individuals in order to defray public spending.

  • Civil law

    Legal regulations that govern people’s hereditary relationships and subjective bonds between people.

  • International law

    Legal rules to regulate the external relations between sovereign subjects, states and other subjects.

  • Commercial law

    Legal regulations that govern traders in the exercise of their profession, commercial acts legally qualified as such and legal relationships deriving from the performance of these.

  • Consultancy and Finance

    Knowledge and specific advice in a field and related activities for the exchange of certain capital goods.

  • IT Consultancy

    Advice on the use of technology to achieve business objectives.