Family Businesses 

IMB Grup has a proven track record offering services for family businesses, through professionals with a strong legal and economic background in the field.

Family businesses require legal assistance, not just with regard to their own activities, but also to organise the family’s relationships with the business and within the family itself.

IMB Grup offers specific services for the various type of family businesses:

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Family protocols: advice on negotiating, drafting and implementing family protocols or partnership agreements. Boards of directors regulations.

Organisation of the family assets: advice on reorganising the family assets (business, property…) from tax planning to documentation. Incorporation of holding companies, foundations, etc.

Inheritance planning: advice on planning asset inheritance, generational change-over consultancy, preparation of wills and agreements as to succession, formalisation of donations, exchanges, sales and purchases or other legal negotiations that enable the transfer of family assets from one generation to the next to be formalised.

Marriage contracts and family coexistence agreements: advice on preparing marriage or civil partnership contracts for members of the family that has a business

Tax: tax planning for the family business and for the members of the family that owns the business. Complete design and implementation of structures that optimise tax costs for owners (income tax, wealth tax and inheritance and donations tax).

Salary formulas: analysis and implementation of salary formulas for members of family businesses, whether they are administrators or not, so that these formulas, in keeping with the operational models of the businesses and the families themselves, are as efficient as possible from a taxation point of view.

Family councils: analysis and approach. Drafting and implementation of operating regulations. Launch and ongoing assistance.