Alternative Stock Exchange Observatory: Analysis of the First Semester 2014

This semiannual report arrived at the fourth edition of the Alternative Stock Exchange Market Observatory. The goal as always is to provide a complete picture of the market and the companies that make up that is useful for all somehow involved in the MAB (investors, analysts, companies, consultants…).

The MAB by his youth and consist of high-growth companies and high risk potential and illiquid, and is in itself a volatile market, but there is no doubt that the events of this 2014 have exceeded all forecasts that could have done. Since last 1st of July we are in a position to “buckle up” yet surely get us some curves pass.

We place the beginning of the Tsunami on 1st of July of this year with the Gotham City report about Gowex. The now famous document brought to light that the company, with its CEO in front, had been falsifying accounts for years without anyone being able to put the inconsistencies and suspicions that were appearing around the company ever more frequently, to detect a scam of this magnitude.

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