IMB Grup | The partners

The IMB Grup is a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the various fields of practice and services that are available, providing their services both locally, nationally and internationally.

<a title="Cristina Barellas Laviós" href="">Cristina Barellas Laviós</a>

Cristina Barellas Laviós

IMB Grup Partner - Tax and Commercial Division
<a title="Sandra Larios Perea" href="">Sandra Larios Perea</a>

Sandra Larios Perea

IMB Grup Partner - Legal Division Manager
<a title="Ricard Munné Dedeu" href="">Ricard Munné Dedeu</a>

Ricard Munné Dedeu

IMB Grup Partner - IMB Chairman


<a title="Jordi Rovira Martínez" href="">Jordi Rovira Martínez</a>

Jordi Rovira Martínez

IMB Grup Partner - Financial Division Manager