IMB GRUP | Presentation

IMB Grup is structured into various independent working areas which participate in the multidisciplinary work of the entire team. This enables us to combine specialist expertise in the various fields with the broad vision that our teamwork provides, a working system that allows us to meet our clients’ needs.

The direct and tailored service and team work of the professionals in each field of practice enable us to provide  comprehensive coverage for the various situations that affect businesses and individuals.

IMB’s philosophy is based on four essential aspects:

  • Rigorous analysis of the various problems, with a broad vision.
  • Using technology that enables us to improve the quality of our service, making it faster and more effective.
  • Internal organisation that, structured into specialised fields, offers a multidisciplinary service.
  • The experience of the professionals involved in the project.

IMB Grup, lawyers, economists and consultants who provide a comprehensive service for SMEs and people.

• Quality.
• Innovation.
• Specialization.
• Collaboration between areas.
• Social responsibility.