IMB Grup | CSR

At IMB Grup we understand corporate social responsibility as a connection between business and society. One of the core areas of our day-to-day is to ensure the satisfaction of the professionals who are part of our organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to foster our values and business culture we undertake initiatives for the growth and satisfaction of our professionals:

  • Reconciliation of work and personal life
  • Flexible pay
  • Team-building activities
  • Internal training

Another core area at IMB Grup is our professionals’ collaboration, going back over 28 years, in projects that have a direct impact on the development and improvement of our business sector, participating in and collaborating with business associations, chambers of commerce, mentoring programmes, investor networks, including:

  • Catalan Association of Biotechnology Companies (Catalonia Bio)
  • Members of ESADE BAN y Economistes BAN, Business Angels networks
  • ESADE Alumni mentors
  • Members of the Belgian-Luxembourger, Swiss and Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
  • Members of the Start-Up Catalonia Programme
Responsabilidad Social Corporativa IMB Grup

As part of our activity we also engage in a set of problems that affect civil society, such as defending the rights of minors, supporting minors and women who are victims of gender violence and fighting to prevent the social discrimination of various groups. In this area we are part of:

  • The Catalan Association of Women Lawyers
  • The advisory board to the Vivir en Familia (‘Living as a Family’) magazine

Finally, another core aspect of our commitment to society is the links between our professionals and the academic world.

Several partners and professionals of the IMB Grup are collaborating with and lecturing at various universities and in master’s and other postgraduate courses.

This link with the academic world enables us to provide students and graduates with work experience within our organisation.

We collaborate with: